Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney

Our experienced team will ask the right questions to help you create a Will and Enduring Power of Attorneys which will reflect your needs and will provide for your family in the future while respecting your wishes.

It is important to make or update your Will and appoint an Attorney when certain life-changing events happen such as:

  • Buying your first home
  • Getting into a serious relationship
  • Getting married
  • Having children
  • Breaking up 
  • Having someone close pass away.

Modern families can be complicated. It is important that you address previous relationships, new relationships, step-children, grandchildren or Trusts in your Will.

Not having a Will or Power of Attorney can cause added emotional and financial stress on your family who are already going through a difficult time. Your family will need to apply to the Family Court to have someone appointed as your guardian or property manager and the person appointed may not be who you would have chosen. And if you pass away, your estate would be divided amongst your relatives according to the guidance of the government in the Administration Act, even if they are not in line with your wishes. It could be a long and costly process for your family to challenge this.

Trusts and Assets

From the moment you acquire assets, you need to start thinking about ways to protect them. Whether you are:

Starting a new business or expanding an existing business

Putting your personal assets in a Trust in advance gives your assets greater protection from claims by creditors in the event that your business becomes unable to pay its debts.

Entering into a new relationship

Along with a Contracting Out Agreement, putting your assets in a Trust before you enter a serious relationship can provide a level of protection from relationship property claims.

Protecting dependants

Family members, young or old, who are not financially independent can benefit from a Trust managing their wealth to insure that their money is being used for their benefit.

Planning for the future

Having a Trust gives you greater flexibility around how your assets can be used and accessed for future generations.

Families and circumstances are changing now more than ever, the need to review and manage your affairs appropriately is at its highest. We can help you decide whether it is right for you to establish, update or wind up your Trust.